The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Netflix TV series released Dec 2019.

Modeller at Props Department (I was polycarving mostly). The most high profile piece I carved were the arms/claws gripping the Dark Crystal.

All the items I carved were then sealed and painted by the Props Scenic artists before being placed on set. Even though I didn’t work on the production long enough to receive a credit I did make it into the behind the scenes featurette!

Chandelier carved by Matt Rowe with my assistance (the bits I was filmed carving in BTS documentary).

Ep. 7 background props: Wooden Table, Wooden Tripod and metal cauldron, stone oven structure with chimney, anvil on table to left, day bed.

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Coming up: My first ever STUDIO SALE!

I am finally getting a bigger studio and will sell some of my art to help pay for renovations, benches etc. Yes, it’s my own studio, and it will be great!

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