Muninn’s Fate

Thought and Mind and the path to freedom.

In the Old Norse mythology of Odin the messenger ravens Huginn and Muninn respectively mean “Thought” and “Mind”. This work explores the inner struggle we have with our thoughts.


Edition 1/3 in bronze is in a private collection.

Edition 2/3 and 3/3 in bronze are made on request.

Edition 1/2 in hydro-resin is currently on display in Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy where it is available for purchase at € 6.500,00.

Edition 2/2 in hydro-resin was awarded joint first prize in the Tom Bass Prize award 2022 in Sydney. It is currently stored in Melbourne, Australia and available for purchase at AUD $9.500,00

VAT and shipping are not included in the prices

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Coming up: My first ever STUDIO SALE!

I am finally getting a bigger studio and will sell some of my art to help pay for renovations, benches etc. Yes, it’s my own studio, and it will be great!

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