Muninn’s Fate

Thought and Mind and the path to freedom.

In the Old Norse mythology of Odin the messenger ravens Huginn and Muninn respectively mean “Thought” and “Mind”.

We tend to allow Thought to take over the Mind …to our detriment.

It is possible to use Thought to successfully guide you through life, however it is through understanding and controlling the Mind (empty of Thought) that awareness or consciousness (and as such true freedom) can be found.


Munnin’s Fate (ed 1/3) is currently on display in Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy as well as their online exhibition “Sheltering With Art” where it’s also available for purchase.

Price: €6500 (Edition 1/3, hydro-resin) – link to webshop.

Munnin’s Fate (ed 2/3, hydro-resin), also for sale is on private display in Melbourne, Australia.

VAT and shipping are not included in the prices

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