Thrilled to have news that two portraits of mine, ‘Amit’ (bronze edition) and ‘Xiao’ (Hydro Resin edition) have made it through the final selection process and will be included in the Society of Portrait Sculptor’s 56th annual exhibition FACE.

Normally held in the prestigious venue La Galleria Pall Mall in central London, this year (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) it will be held online at https://www.portrait-sculpture.org

Both of my portraits are for sale via the Society for Portrait Sculptors exhibition website above. There are some fantastic works on display in this years event, and it’s an honour to be included amongst them.

Other news is that I have recently become a Society Member! I’m very humbled by the invitation to join the ranks of such esteemed artists and a big Thank you to the members who unanimously approved my inclusion!

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11-04-2020 at 13:01

Congratulations Maudie. Very Cool!