Corpo a Corpo

My piece ‘Being’ will be included in an incredible upcoming exhibition in Villa Bardini, Florence celebrating the realist figurative tradition in contemporary art.

‘Corpo a Corpo’ promises to present visitors with a selection of high-quality works that represent the figurative arts field, a homage to the classic artistic tradition with a contemporary edge as represented by 35 international artists representing 12 countries.

The 35 works on view include paintings and sculptures by artists hailing from 12 countries (Australia, United States, China, Russia, Greece, Spain, Poland, Israel, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden and Italy); these artists were trained either in Florence or at schools in their native countries focused on classical arts education.

Supported by Fondazione CR Firenze, curated by Daniela Astone and Gaia Grazioli and coordinated by Carlo Sisi, it will be open October 26th, 2019 – January 12th, 2019 at Villa Bardini (Cosa San Giorgio 2, Florence).

My piece ‘Being’ is featured in an article about the exhibition in the New Masters Academy online magazine ‘Canvas’. It also was pictured in an article in the ‘Firenze – Made in Tuscany’ magazine edition 52 (see pages below).