Anatomy of the Portrait Workshop

In January 2020 I conducted a 2 week workshop at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, assisted by Georgina Mills, covering the Anatomy of the Portrait. This was part of a larger 5 week workshop that also covered sculpting the portrait from life with Eran Webber and Sanne van Tongeren.

Working with twelve students we first started by sculpting the skull, onto which we then built the facial muscles before finally adding neck muscles and a simplified shoulder girdle (cervical spine, clavicles and upper scapula).

Along with a 60 page manual I designed and wrote, I gave regular powerpoint lectures in the FAA Anatomy Room in the mornings on each muscle (surrounded by the inspiring half-built Ecorché sculptures of the full time Anatomy program students I teach) before demonstrating to the students how to actually build that muscle on their skull sculptures.

It was a great success (lots of excellent feedback in the follow up survey done by the school) and the students were well prepared for their time with the live model in the following weeks.